About Us

BBQ INDIA is the BBQ retail arm of Master Fireplaces . India’s leading fireplace and barbecue company. Our main showroom is in Ghitorni Delhi and we also have outlets in Pondicherry and the Nilgiris where all our Barbecues are on display.

Mainly stocking and selling Napoleon barbecues –Canada’s award winning barbecue brand. Napoleon are renowned for their excellent quality, limited lifetime guarantees and exceptional barbecue knowledge –offering you expertise in grilling that very few companies can match. BBQ INDIA with our Napoleon brand offer an extensive range of portable gas and charcoal barbecues as well as our more prestige gas range which includes the Triumph , LE series and our BILEX Built in models.

One of Napoleon’s unique features is our charcoal tray option for the Triumph and LE series gas barbecues. The tray allows you the option of cooking with charcoal when desired. It’s an absolutely unique feature of the Napoleon brand. Join us BBQ INDIA on a culinary barbecue journey which starts with you and your commitment to learn the art of bbq and impress your family and friends , delighting their taste buds and turning on the fun.

Happy Grilling!

Daniel Belnick
Director Master Fireplaces